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Our Team


Zannya - Owner

Hi, i'm Zannya!


I mostly go by the name of Zan but  i'm  also known within the fandom as Winter    and Chinga. I am the owner and creator of Winters Howling.

My career started during 2015 after watching a fursuiter bring smiles to the people around them and in turn this inspired me to do  the same! I  now strive to make smiles and dreams come true through both creation as well as performing  whenever possible.

I also enjoy horse riding and making suits. Haha there's not much else to me except that I make costumes!!


Thank you for visiting my page!


Kira - Hoodie Artist


Hello! my name is Kira <3


My interests outside of drawing consists of binging Marvel movies and crying over  Doctor Who, but i draw aswell ;) 

As every artist has said once in their life I have been drawing since i could hold a pencil, but i didnt concider art as something serious until i was 13/14 years old. So to say, i have been concidering drawing as a serious hobby for about three years now.


One of the things that makes art worthwhile for me is that I’m allowed to express myself in any way possible. I get to express my feelings and personality into my artstyle.

On top of that I’m a sucker for shading, and i think thats one of the things that people recognise about my artstyle. Shortly summed up: Semi-cartoony style with a realistic-type shading.


As you might know, I’m a part of Zann’s team of artists. My job is to draw hoodie designs for her supporters. I design them, then send them off to Zann so she can print them on hoodies/t-shirts.


Hugs, Kira<3

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