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Review 1

Working with Zan at fursuits UK was just an amazing experience. The whole journey of commissioning right through to picking up my suit was easily the best buyer/seller relationship I've ever had. She was constantly in contact with me, asking questions about how I wanted things to look and showing progress, even when there wasn't anything to show she still put my mind at ease. There wasn't any one point I was worried. Her work is stunning to begin with, but she's also extremely professional. The quality is second to none, every time I put on my suit I feel safe and secure, nothing feels loose or like it's going to fall apart. The price, in relation to her quality and the short time it took for her to make, I'd say she's selling herself short. Good price which she could easily increase and I'd still happily pay. Compared to other makers who's commissioners sometimes wait almost years for their suits, I got Sigyn well within 6 months! Amazing maker, lovely person, 10/10 would recommend and commission again!

- Sigyn

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