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Here you can find the prices for our custom fursuits!

All prices that can be seen below are starting prices and will be subject to change based upon the characters species as well as the complexity of the design.

Small Partial: £2200

A basic partial consists of the head, tail and handpaws.

Half Partial: £2600

A half partial consists of the head, tail, handpaws, feetpaws and armsleeves

3/4 Plantigrade Partial £3000 

A 3/4 partial consists of the head, tail, handpaws, feetpaws, armsleeves and plantigrade leg sleeves (DTD is required) 

3/4 Digitigrade Partial £3400

A 3/4 Digi partial consists of head, tail, handpaws, feetspaws, arm sleeves, and digitigrade legs (DTD is required)

Plantigrade Fullsuit £3400

A plantigrade fullsuit consists of the head, tail, handpaws, feetpaws and a plantigrade bodysuit (DTD is required)

Digitigrade Fullsuit £3800

A digitigrade fullsuit consists of the head, tail, handpaws, feetpaws and padded digi bodysuit (DTD is required)

extras you can add on

Interchanging eyelids: +£80 

This price includes installing the eyelids and 1 pair of lids (you can pick the expression)

Additional sets of eyelids: +£35 per pair

Please note - my eyelids are all done by velcro, not magnets.

Interchanging tongues: +£15 per tongue that's considered normal length,

super long tongues are +£25

Extra set of feet: +£300 for outdoor +£350 for indoor.

Extra set of handpaws: +£300 for either standard flat 4 or 5 finger paws,

+£350 for puffy 4 or 5 finger paws.

Adding claws to either the hands or the feet will incur an extra charge of +£30 per set

(for pads and claws we work with: Minky, Fleece, Faux leather or Neoprene)

Arm sleeves: This price would depend on the complexity of the arm sleeve design,

but the price for these start at +£100

Remember: These are only available for existing customers only or if you're upgrading your adopt shop design. Very rarely do we accept parts only commissions.

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