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Terms Of Service!

TOS is non negotiable, any commissioner/buyer is expected to read and understand all terms stated.

Ignorance of the TOS does not exclude you from agreeing and abiding to all TOS statements as it is publicly available.

Reference Sheets

-You are expected to have a reference sheet with three view points, that clearly show and state the design wanted.


-If you do not have a reference sheet, I can send you to a recommended reference artist for you to commission. if you are in need of a fursuit reference sheet artist please consider reaching out to Emily Creative on twitter.


-I will accept a reference sheet with 3 views as well as artwork, so long as all the markings are the same.


-If your reference is out of date, please update it BEFORE commissioning me. I will charge for any updates or changes made during the commission process and altering your character will result in a fee to cover the changes.


-If you want to change a feature on your commission you must tell me before I begin. There will be a fee to change anything after that point depending if it can still be done.

-We don't accept any form of AI generated art work in placement of a ref sheet. AI art is damaging to real artists and isn't welcomed here.

-Reference sheets provided should be SFW or the bits and bobs censored.

Quotes and The Queue

-When submitting for a commission you are expected to be able to pay a down-payment in a timely manner if I accept your commission, this will put you on my work queue.


-30% of total price is required for the down-payment, please note this is NON refundable if you choose to cancel at any time.


-Your spot may move up or down on the wait list depending on payments, communication and convenience. I tend to work better when I can bounce between projects


-I do not hold wait list spots, if you do not get your down-payment to me in a timely manner your spot may be given to another person waiting for a slot with me. 

-You fursuit quote will expire after 3 months with no commission.  You can purchase one for £5 if I am open for these. Over time my prices may change and this could change the quote you're given vs the time you decide to commission me.

Payments and Penalties

-30% of total price is required to be accepted in my queue, This is a non-refundable down-payment that secures your spot on the wait list and pays for time spent, and commission losses if you chose to cancel or violate the TOS.


-The 30% down-payment also applies to premade costumes.


-All payments will be Invoiced through email, via SumUp, bank transfer is also accepted and you will be emailed a receipt for your purchase. You'll be expected to pay your non refundable down payment within 3 days of it being invoiced, failure to do so will result in termination of your place in my queue. And will then be offered to the next person waiting. PayPal, and Cheques are both not accepted as payment methods


-I do accept payment plans. After you pay your down-payment, your expected to pay the remainder within 4 months of the date you commissioned. The payment plan must be agreed between both myself and client before the deposit is made.


-There is a Late Payment Penalty, If you miss the due date for a payment you will be given a week to get the payment to me, failure to do so will result in a £30 fee which will have to be paid on top of the payment due. 


-At least 50% of your quote had to be paid off before I start on your commission, but progress again will vary depending on my work flow. You will be given my trello link to see your progress as I have a step by step there. You can also be added to my Telegram updates chat if you wish.


-Unfortunately I do not work with any deadlines, as this can add too much pressure to the queue and myself. My health is my priority and respect is appreciated when it comes to my work. Sometimes I try to form my work into a personal goals calendar but this isn't set in stone and shouldn't be used as promised deadlines.

- If you are rude and pushy for a deadline I have the right to cancel your commission, respect is expected when it come to commissioning me.

-Work is still completed in a timely manner. If you do have major concerns you can contact me, if you havn't had a wip for a period of time I do encourage you to pop me a message and ask, even if there no work done, I will communicate with you.

My rights and responsibilities

-I have the right to refuse service to anyone. This is usually because the idea is too complicated, references are poor, a customer is being difficult, or a person has been added to my blacklist because of a previous encounter.


-I reserve the right to refuse to change my style or how I construct my costumes. If you would like something done differently than what is seen in my previous work you must state so up front. If you are commissioning me then you are expected to trust me to bring your character to life in my own way.


-I have the right to resell, modify, or do what I wish with any item that has not been paid for by the owner if the commission is canceled or abandoned.


-I have the right to terminate a commission if I feel the commissioner is violating the TOS.


-I am not responsible for any actions performed by any persons wearing or using any of my creations


-Anyone wearing one of my items does not represent the views or beliefs of myself.

-I have the right to have workfree weekends, and also take breaks for holidays, I will get back to you when I return to work. My Telegram update group will be notified of any holidays I take.

Your rights and responsibilities

-You have the right to remain anonymous to anyone outside the commission and keep your attachment to any completed work confidential unless TOS is violated, however you will be required to give all personal information I need.


-It is your responsibility to be safe while wearing your costume. Always have a spotter or handler for fursuits.


-If you are purchasing a fursuit you agree that you are aged 18+ and the information submitted to prove your age is valid.


-You must provide a DTD (Duct tape dummy) at your own cost for commissions that require them, bad DTD's will be discarded and a new one may be requested.

-Costumes can not be started on until the DTD and measurements are provided. If you fail to provide these within a month of being asked I will assume you have lost interest in the project and reserve the right to cancel your commission and refund you all but the retainer fee, transaction fees, and compensation for any time spent.


-If there is a period where you will be unreachable you should let me know ahead of time. If you are out of contact for a considerable amount of time or have been ignoring emails your commission will be considered abandoned.


-If you chose to cancel the commission for whatever purpose the down-payment is forfeit and any work done on the suit must be paid for or it is also forfeit. 

-Once you have read the Terms Of Service its a requirement that you email me with your acknowledgement and agreement.

Send to:

Terms Of Service Agreement

The email:
I *insert first and last name* have read and agree to the Winters Howling Terms of service. *insert date here*

You are also required to attach a photo of your ID and a photo of you holding your ID. You may blur out any details except for the photo, name and DOB. This is a no exception policy. No ID, No Commission!


-If you wish to cancel your commission I will be paid for ALL of the work that has been completed.

-At anytime the 30% down-payment is NON refundable if you wish to cancel the commission. 

-If I have already started your project the refund process will be as follows: 30% down-payment will be nonrefundable and I shall keep any materials that remain, the total cost of the work will be broken down into an email for you to see and it shall be worked out the amount able to be refunded to you.


-If your refund amount is large, it'll be refunded to you either in a large lump sum, or as payments depending on my financial situation. 

-If you have purchased an adopt shop design from my website and you cancel part way through, you forfeit the 30% deposit and any parts that have been made. You will be refunded the remaining 70% and the character and parts will be sold on. You don't own the character or any rights to the character until the fursuit is paid fully AND in your possession, AKA a complete transaction.

Sharing my work

-You may never submit any of my images or videos without credit clearly given to Winters Howling.


-You may never crop off or edit any of my watermarks, logos or website addresses.

-You may not post any WIPs I have privately given to you without my permission.


-I put tracking on all my commissions, I will insure the package up to the material costs only, if you would like to insure your package for the full amount you're expected to cover the extra fees.


-You are responsible for DTD shipping, and any import fees that arise from shipping the DTD


-All Items will be shipped to address on your invoice, I will message you once before sending your item to confirm your address and make sure I am sending it to the right place.


-I will not lie on any shipping documents that I am to fill out, if there are any import fees on the pieces that you have commissioned then you will be responsible for paying them.


-All shipping fees: packaging, insurance, customs and import fees are responsibility of the buyer.

Returns for Repairs

-If a suit arrives in a damaged box take pictures of the box and check over the suit, if the suit is also damaged then take pictures for proof and contact me immediately.


-If anything breaks within the 60 day warranty, that is own my own fault I will repair it, anything after 60 days will be paid for, along with there and back shipping costs that are your responsibility. I however am not obligated to repair damages or faults caused by normal wear and tear, neglect, adult activities, incorrect measurements or faulty DTDs.


-If there are obvious signs of neglect I will charge whatever I have to for repairs. If the piece cannot be repaired due to neglect I will send it back at your expense.


- If I receive a suit for repair with any modifications not done or approved by me, I reserve the right to ship it back to the customer at the customer's expense.


-I will not repair a suit that is extremely dirty, smelly or badly cared for.  You have two choices. You can either pay a £50 cleaning fee, or you can pay for return shipping. if you chose to have the suit shipped without the cleaning it will not have been repaired. please keep this in mind.


-Ready-made costumes are not guaranteed as it is not custom made. Features like Vision range, ability to wear glasses.

Allergy Disclaimer

-I have a German Shepherd who occasionally comes to the workshop

-I do not work in a smoking home, so all products are smoke free!

-I do however work around incense, air-freshener and candles, so if this is a bother with you, please reconsider commissioning me


-People with abusive behavior will be blacklisted and will never have a chance to commission me again.


-Abusive behavior includes any harassment, threats, intimidation, rudeness or unwelcome actions.


-Abuse can be cause enough for me to drop your commission.


-Other actions that can cause you to be blacklisted: Throwing tantrums, extremely poor communication, failing to keep up with payments, and not being consistent with your design choices or constantly changing things during the commission process.


-I also reserve the right to blacklist people who abuse fellow crafters.

TOS is non negotiable and any commissioner/buyer is expected to read and understand all terms.

Ignorance of TOS does not exclude you from agreeing and abiding to the TOS as it is publicly available. 

Your password is WaffleFries

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